Federal Employee Disability Insurance Benefits

National Alliance Federal Employee Benefits (N.A.F.E.B.) offers federal and postal employees in the U.S. disability and supplemental insurance plans that protect you against disability, sickness, injury, and maternity leave regardless of what other insurance coverage you may have. If you’re looking for federal employee disability insurance coverage, reach out to us for fast and efficient attention.

Federal Employee Disability Insurance

In the unfortunate circumstance that something happens to you and you risk losing income, federal employee disability insurance could be an option. At N.A.F.E.B. we offer policies that are designed to help you and your family still receive income, despite disability or injury that prevents you from working. If you qualify, you could receive up to $12,000 a month through our disability insurance coverage.

We will work with you to understand your needs and those of your family, and then come up with a custom insurance package that meets those needs and other special considerations. Our team will be there with you throughout the entire process to educate you about your current benefits and your options for the future so that you can make informed and educated decisions regarding your insurance.

N.A.F.E.B. can get you guaranteed issued disability insurance as well as a payroll deduction through several different companies, which give us a unique edge over other competitors. Our consultants will dedicate time and effort to finding a disability insurance plan to fit your unique needs. We are experienced when it comes to federal employee insurance market plans and we will use this experience to your advantage.

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To learn about all of your federal employee disability insurance solutions and options, get in touch with the professional and experienced consultants at N.A.F.E.B. We usually respond to requests within 24 hours. Call us at (855) 243-3498 or email us [email protected].